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10 Things To Tell You

Jan 14, 2020

This episode is for you if you’ve ever second-guessed posting photos of your kids online.

Nish Weiseth - a friend I met through mommy blogging years ago - recently posted on Instagram that she was going to take a step back from posting her family online, because her kids are getting older and she started questioning her own motivations. I thought her take was really interesting, so I reached out and asked her to have a friend-to-friend conversation on this topic…publicly.

The first half of this episode is about posting photos of our kids and why our thoughts have changed on it over the years, and the second half turns towards why we post online at all.

We get really honest and vulnerable, but we don’t come to any conclusions. I get on my high horse at one moment and then admit I might be wrong.

I hope our conversation inspires you to ask your friends and coparents about their feelings on posting family pics online, and their genuine motivation for posting on social media at all.

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